Business Development Processes

Business Development Processes



Leadership Dynamics® provides end-to-end business solutions by facilitating a comprehensive range of business development processes, supported by training courses, that will add measurable value to your company’s business results.   We also assist organisations with the implementation management of these processes, in order to TURN VISION INTO REALITY.


Leadership Dynamics® has more than 30 years of experience in facilitation strategic and business development processes.   With these processes we help customers to:

  • Create vision and alignment of purpose
  • Identify strategic requirements to turn vision into reality
  • Analyse current realities in terms of strategic requirements
  • Conduct a gap analysis between vision and current reality
  • Set strategic objectives to address strategic gaps
  • Develop innovation strategies to achieve strategic objectives
  • Design strategically focused organisation structures
  • Link business planning processes to strategic plan

The Leadership Dynamics® Transformational processes support the strategic planning process by helping customers to develop vision focussed learning organisations by:

  • Sharing Vision and Strategy to create alignment of purpose
  • Aligning roles and responsibilities with the Vision
  • Mobilising energy to Turn Vision into Reality
  • Aligning Performance Management processes with the Organisational Strategy and Business plans.

Leadership Dynamics® facilitates Change Management Process to ensure employees’ commitment and support for Organisational Change.   In this way we ensure the practical application  of the Change Management Skills contained in the Change Management CourseClick here to view course.


Leadership Dynamics® develops business teams with a common purpose, supported by team dynamics that significantly enhance business results.   This process facilitates the practical application of the skills developed in the Team Dynamics Leadership Course  – Click here to view course.


Leadership Dynamics® provides a facilitation service to resolve conflict, restore relationships and create harmony in the work place in an amicable way, without having to follow formal conflict resolution processes.


Leadership Dynamics® designs and implements customised incentive schemes to support performance management systems and to create ownership for business results among employees.


Leadership Dynamics® provides executive and personal coaching services to support the implementation and application of emotional intelligence skills, leadership skills, business skills as well as all our business processes.



Our business processes and services have contributed towards achieving measurable business results by many of our customers.  Examples of these results are:

A reduction of more than 40% in the transportation cost of SAPPI’s products on the Green Arrow system over a period of 2 years.

A reduction in the transition time of containers from ships to Kings Rest in the Port of Durban from an average of 4,72 days to less than 1 day over a period of 2 years.

An improvement in the number of containers handled in City Deep from 0,67 containers per man-hour to 1,67 containers per man-hour over a period of 2 years.

An improvement of 86% in the time required for the processing of routine registration of Health practitioners at the HPCSA over a period of 6 months.

Some of our customers received NPI awards for productivity improvement as a result of processes facilitated by Leadership Dynamics.

One customer of our coaching services advanced from a Regional Manager to a Chief Operating Officer to a Chief Executive Officer of a large company over a period of 3 years.

All these examples represents actual and verifiable results.