Business Skills Courses

Business Skills Courses



The Leadership Dynamics® Business Skills Courses create the skills capacity in organisations to enhance performance levels, to facilitate growth and to ensure that great results are achieved.   All these courses are related to performance management.   The Performance Management Course, therefore forms the foundation of the Business Skills Courses and other courses build on this foundation.

Business Skills Courses are normally presented on an in-house bases and are customised according to specific customer needs.


Performance Management should enable individuals and teams to continuously raise their performance levels in order to enhance the organisation’s results and  facilitate growth.   The Leadership Dynamics® Performance Management and Incentive Scheme Programme, covers the following areas:

  • Business planning and performance management cycles
  • Objective setting (KPA’s/KPI’s and Performance standards)
  • Personal development planning
  • Leadership, coaching and communicating about performance
  • Performance monitoring and reviews
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Incentive schemes

Leadership Dynamics® can also help your organisation to develop and implement a customised Performance Management System and Incentive Scheme.   We  have implemented Performance Management Systems in a great number of small, medium and large companies as well as government departments and state owned corporations.


In order to develop the skills capacity required to continuously enhance performance levels, Leadership Dynamics also provides the following Business skills courses:


Leadership Dynamics® provides a comprehensive range of Supervisory training courses to enhance Supervisory Management skills.   Allow us to develop a customised Supervisory Development Curriculum for your business.


The Leadership Dynamics® Stress Management programme will help your mind and body to cope with the demands of the environment on your system, in an effective and healthy way.   This programme will significantly improve your quality of life and will help you to avoid the negative impact that stress could have on your health.


The Innovative Problem-solving and Decision-making Course, will enable participants to follow a structured, yet creative process to:

  • identify, define and analyse business problems
  • generate and evaluate alternative solutions
  • make quality business decisions to solve problems

The Customer Experience Management Course, will enable participants to interface effectively with customers in a variety of business situations, in order to:

  • establish, develop and maintain mutually beneficial customer relations
  • generates customer loyalty and
  • create customer satisfaction and repeat business

The Negotiation Skills Course will enable participants to negotiate win-win solutions and promote harmony in a variety of business situations by:

  • analysing negotiation styles of individuals party to negotiations
  • identifying and structuring negotiable elements in various situations
  • developing and implementing effective bargaining strategies
  • generating creative and mutually satisfactory solutions
  • maintaining harmony among negotiating parties

Leadership Dynamics® offers a variety of Life Skills Courses to enable participants to cope with a wide range of business and personal demands.  Discuss your personal Life Skills needs with us and allow Leadership Dynamics to develop a customised Life Skills programme for your business.


Leadership Dynamics® has developed and implemented Mentorship Programs in many organizations. We customize Mentorship Programs to meet your organization’s needs, to cover:

  • The Mentor-Protoge Relationship
  • Career Planning
  • Career Management
  • Personal Development Planning
  • Coaching skills
  • Communication and Feedback
  • Motivational Leadership
  • Performance Management