Empowering Leadership

Empowering Leadership



Most leaders would like to have empowered employees, but lack the Leadership skills to really empower them.   Leaders often adopt one specific leadership style that matches their own personality the best and generally use this leadership style, irrespective of the employee’s  empowerment needs.   This often results in a mismatch between leadership style and empowerment level, leaving the employee disempowered.

The Leadership Dynamics® Empowering Leadership Course will enable leaders to:

  • practice a variety of leadership styles effectively
  • analyse and identify employee empowerment needs
  • select and use the most appropriate leadership style to match the employee’s empowerment level

The Leadership Dynamics® Empowering Leadership Course adds measurable value to participants’ Empowering Leadership skills.   All participants conduct a pre-test as well as a post test that clearly illustrates the improvement in Empowering Leadership skills gained as a result of the course.   Some candidates have improved the appropriateness of their leadership styles for employee empowerment needs, with as much as 80%.

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After completing the Empowering Leadership Course, leaders will be able to:

  • Analyse their own leadership behaviour
  • Identify their own preferred leadership style
  • Identify their development leadership styles
  • Analyse their own adaptability as leaders
  • Analyse the empowerment needs of employees
  • Identify the empowerment level of employees
  • Practice a variety of leadership styles equally well
  • Identify the most appropriate leadership style to match employee empowerment levels
  • Adjust their own leadership style to match different empowerment levels
  • Use a variety of leadership behaviours effectively
  • Identify and select the most appropriate leadership behaviours to empower employees effectively
  • Advance employees to higher levels of empowerment
  • Turn Beginners into Champions