Leadership Dynamics® – Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development Courses in South Africa

Emotional Intelligence Courses

The Leadership Dynamics EQ Courses will help you to develop great relationships with yourself, your employees, your customers, and all other relations in your business network.

Leadership Development Courses

Great leaders have the ability to turn VISION INTO REALITY. They do this by effectively connecting with people, providing direction and influencing employee behaviour, mobilising energy and empowering followers to achieve results.

Business Skills

The Leadership Dynamics® Business Skills Courses develop the critical skills capacity to create great learning organisations with the ability to achieve set goals and objectives and to turn vision into reality.

Business Development Processes

Leadership Dynamics® designs and facilitates a comprehensive range of Business Development processes that enables good organisations to become great learning organisations.



Leadership Dynamics® in South Africa offers a comprehensive range of emotional intelligence, leadership development and business skills courses, supported by business development processes and services, that will take your company to new heights. We will support the growth and development of your business with strategic planning, change management, team building and transformational leadership processes in order to turn vision into reality.

If you need performance management training, customer service training, sales training, communications training or supervisory training, we are the business partner of choice.  When the market demands extraordinary performance and your employees and business processes are ordinary, it is time to raise the bar with Leadership Dynamics®.


Our comprehensive range of organisational development products, processes and services include:


Business transformation and innovation processes

Emotional intelligence training

Leadership development


Business skills courses

Team development processes

Coaching services


Since our inception in 1993, Leadership Dynamics® has been setting the trend in shaping individuals, teams and organisations to embrace change and achieve desired outcomes. We believe in leading by example and therefore back our services and products with years of invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge.

Our differentiators:
  • We operate on a sound theoretical foundation where everything we do and offer is based on scientific research of international best practices
  • Practical experience in all areas of operations allow us to achieve results
  • Our results are measurable when our clients improve productivity, reduce costs, increase profit and excel in all areas of their business
  • We customise products and services according to specific in-house needs
  • We employ the cream of the crop, our incomparable expertise, qualifications and experience is what set us apart from our competitors

At the helm of our organisation is our CEO, Dr Niel Rall. With a PhD in Adult Education and international training in transformational leadership, business development and group facilitation skills and more than 30 years of practical business experience, he knows how to transform visions into reality.

Our list of esteemed clients includes government departments, metropolitan councils, professional bodies, as well as many small, medium and large private companies. We are proud of our success record and we revel in our clients’ victories.

Leadership Dynamics® develops great teams by creating leadership capacity and facilitating team building processes that enhances synergy to achieve great team results. Combine this with our business processes and skills development programs and you will set the pace for transformation and change management!

Isn’t it time to evaluate your strategic and business planning processes, performance management systems and leadership capacity?  At Leadership Dynamics® we value well planned strategies, focused leadership, energised people and satisfied customers.

Establishing a high performance business with empowered employees, fueled by innovation is just a phone call away. Change begins at home, if you can dream it, you can do it!